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Weekend Lunch Menu (22nd May Saturday)

This week we will be serving all time favorite for many south Indians.

Ven pongal - A popular south Indian savory and spicy dish, made from moong dal, rice and other spices. Typically served for morning breakfast or brunch.

Medu Vadai - Crisp and fried doughnuts made from black grams and spices. Highly addictive!

Kathirikai Gothsu - Eggplant cooked with homemade gothsu powder & tamarind makes this dish a unique taste. Gothsu is mostly unknown by many (expect for the people from TamilNadu!).

Coconut Chuntey - Condiment made by blending fresh coconut, chilies & lentils.

Sambar - South Indian lentils stew.

All together makes it a perfect combination for this cold weather. :-)

Hurry up, contact us for placing your orders. We close for orders by Friday 5 PM.

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