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Nominations for Belgian Vegan Awards

Good day everyone

Hope you are doing well. I am writing this post for my kind subscribers.

I am so grateful for your continuous support for Samprita, since the beginning of our food services.

Now I am in need of a favor. This is the very 1st-time SAMPRITA is being called for nominations after years of hard work. And this wouldn't have been possible without YOU.

I kindly request you nominate us, for this year's Belgian vegan awards.

The 1st round of nominations depends upon most nominated companies/brands.

By using this -> link, please go to the voting page, and on the 4th page for the best caterer category, you can type/nominate Samprita.

Your nominations can help us to save a spot for 2nd round of voting.

[You can also share the link with your friends, and if they find any other small vegan businesses, which may be appropriate for other categories, please help them as well. Because small businesses like us needed this recognition to keep them motivated.]

Thank you so much for your time :-) Hope we make this time for nomination :-)

Kind regards


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