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Wish you a Happy New Year 2023

We are all pumped up to start the New year with our takeaway services and new catering menu.

Thank you so much for your continuous support for Samprita. We feel so grateful.

Perhaps, being happy to be featured Samprita in a local newspaper is a needed motivation for us!

We will resume our takeaway dinner service, from January 27th onwards.

Every Friday, you can pick it up at our location in Sint-Joris-Weert.

To avoid food wastage and make sure we have new items each week, we will open our ordering from Saturday-Wednesday. Last-minute orders will be possible, but with very limited food options. Perhaps, we always recommend ordering in advance to enjoy a variety of our authentic South Indian food.

Catering for your events? New menu from 20th Jan 2023

We will have our updated catering menu from budget menu options, finger food/snacks, a grand-sized regional menu, a live dosai counter, etc., Naturally, tailor-made for your needs!

Cooking Workshop

Our hands-on cooking workshop will be available every Wednesday and Saturday, check out the calendar for the available slots.

JFYI: We still have a few slots available for the 28th of January (Saturday) for our dinner menu workshop. Email us if you want to learn about the gastronomy of south Indian cuisine.

Our Chocolates and products

We prepare them to order, so if you want to place your order for chocolates, spice powder, or dosai batter, please email us your needs.


Thank you and hope to serve you soon!



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