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Valentine's Day South Indian Menu

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Our Valentine's day menu is specially designed with healthy food options. Where you can enjoy our balanced meal with your loved ones.

Our menu is mix of dishes from different regions in southern India. Curries from Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Vegetable side from TamilNadu, finishing off with creamy coconuty dessert from Kerala.

Place your orders via our contact form or email us to

Last minute orders until 12th of Feb, until 5PM. Pre-book now!

Pick will be possible in Heverlee on 13th of February 2022 for dinner. If you need the menu as a lunch do let us know, we will try our best to fulfill your requirements. We do provide single menu options.

Cannot wait to serve you! Thank you.

P.S: Gluten free menu? That is possible as above listed dishes are gluten-free. We shall replace rice instead of flatbread. Just mention GF menu' while contacting us.

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