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Samprita in samenwerkingmet Sundry Seeds

Samprita in samenwerkingmet Sundry Seeds

It is our pleasure to partner with SUNDRY SEEDS.

A little outlook about Sundry Seeds

The 'Sundry Seeds Creating A Great Good Place in Town ' , focuses on strengthening youth, women and migrants in their search for work in an urban context of European society and that the tourism sector in its broadest sense. Together with a local network of committed entrepreneurs, we want to develop an attractive, vibrant place in the city based on a sustainable vision where intercultural creativity is enhanced and where everyone can focus on developing their own talents and interests in a professional context.

For more information:

Do follow Sundry seeds for latest updates:

What's more? STAY TUNED FOR MORE EXCITING NEWS about our kantine opening very soon. Meanwhile why not give a try in ‘Sundry seeds-Mechelen’ restaurant (Moensstraat 19, Mechelen) until then?!

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