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Climate change is drastic on our earth! YOU as a loyal customer, have helped us to take these budding steps to do our part for our planet.

- Stop single-use containers for our packing. [We have been almost 85% plastic-free. Yay!]

- Provide vegan dishes using the local products as and when possible.

We are trying to reduce single-use waste as much as we can. Together we can beat this and make our planet greener!

We in Samprita, have been trying to provide reusable stainless steel containers [RVS conatiner] for our

take-aways and catering services!

If you wish to buy a container(s) from us, we can share our catalog with our available designs & prices.

We do ship around Belgium or you can visit us and pick it up. Please contact us for more details.


Samprita Spice powder & Easy-fix meals

We can ease your cooking with our spice powder and ready mix varieties.

As all our product is made without preservatives, they stay fresh and good at room temperature for 2 months.

Our Podi (Spice powder) varieties

[Pack of 150 g]

Idli Podi (Lentils powder for Idli and Dosa)

Kobbari Podi (Dry Coconut Spice Powder)

Kandi Podi (Toor dhal Spice Powder)

Pappulu Podi (Roasted Gram Dhal Spice Powder)

Vellulli Karam Podi (Garlic Spice Powder)

Verusenaga Podi(Groundnut Spice Powder)

Ready-Made Mix

Pulikachal (200 g) (Ready Mix for tamarind rice)

Dosa Batter (700 g) [Order via WhatsApp group]

Upma Mix (150 g)

Semiya Upma Mix (150 g)

Aval Upma Mix (150 g)

Rava Idli Mix (150 g)


Please contact us to place your orders!

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