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வணக்கம் 🙏 vanakkam!
100% plant-based caterer providing South Indian dishes

Samprita, our vegan catering focuses on traditional home-style dishes adapted with local produce.



Our home-cooked style regional dishes are cooked with care and respect. Indian food is diverse, and we at Samprita want to show the regional cuisines of South India. 

We do focus on using local products as much as we can, and most of the products are Bio & Organic.


Our handcrafted artisan chocolate is pure vegan and some of our chocolate is sourced from Indian chocolate farmers.

Enjoy our dynamic range of delectable chocolates from rustic Indian flavors to a bar of single origin chocolate.



Nothing better than learning from a regional home cook to master your south Indian dishes. Private workshops either with your group of friends/family or as an individual.

From world-famous dosai to our Tamil Virundhu, we cover all southern regional dishes.

Nevertheless, surprise your close ones with your chocolate-making skills. Kids workshops? OR Beginners to professional chocolate workshops? Ask for it.


  • Freshly ground spices, homemade.

  • Preservative-free made-to-order.

  • Rust-free steel boxes to replace your plastic container.

Check out our range of spices, ready-to-cook meals, and RVS containers.

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Did you know?

Most of the south Indian food is VEGAN.

The inscription below explains the definition of veganism from  


குறள் 324:

நல்லாறு எனப்படுவது யாதெனின் யாதொன்றும்
கொல்லாமை சூழும் நெறி.

விளக்கம் : நல்ல வழி எது என்றால், எந்த உயிரையும் கொலை செய்யாமல் அறம் காக்கும் வழிதான்.
English Couplet 324:

You ask, What is the good and perfect way?
'Tis path of him who studies naught to slay.

Couplet Explanation:

A good path is that which considers how it may avoid killing any creature.


"We had a lovely dinner of South Indian dishes! I am South Indian but totally incapable of making idli/ dosa to have found Samprita is so exciting!"


"Great food, good portions too! The masala dosa are fantastic."

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